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Concept Nova Introduces Theft Solution

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

CONCEPT Nova has introduced CargoSafe, a tamper-proof solution meant to reduce cost of operation and  raise Return on Investment (RoI) for companies.

The tool,  an intelligent tamper-proof solution to prevent theft of goods and valuables for organizations and individuals was built to protect goods and valuables across the nation.

Concept Nova Managing Director, Chukwuma Ochonogor reiterated the need for businesses and individuals to adopt proper security measures to keep their goods and valuables protected all year round, particularly during the end of year season.

“All year long, many businesses and individuals constantly fall prey to theft and vandalism of their goods and valuables because they are unprepared to handle these prevalent issues. With the upcoming Christmas activities and traffic gridlock expected to surface during the ‘Ember season’, it is exceedingly important that businesses and individuals are equipped with effective ways of preventing their goods and valuables from being stolen or vandalized.

This next-generation protection solution offers these benefits by providing access to detailed audit and reports on the security of your valuables, remote lock and unlock access restricted to authorized personnel, as well as real-time alerts and notifications via email, SMS and the App to every relevant stakeholder on all lock/unlock/suspicious activities,” Ochonogor said.

Source: The Nations