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Cornerstone Insurance Logo

Cornerstone Insurance
Industry: Insurance
Solution: Stationary-FuelControl System
Brief: With our Stationary-FuelControl System Cornerstone Insurance's operation runs smoothly. The low fuel level alert received when the fuel in their tank is low has greatly facilitated no disruption in operation.

DYS Trucca Valsesia Logo

DYS Trucca Valsesia
Industry: Construction
Solution: Stationary and Mobile FuelControl System
Brief: DYS Trucca Valsesia uses both our Stationary and Mobile-FuelControl System. Our Mobile FuelControl System provides real-time GPRS for both their trucks and fuel. Our Stationary-FuelControl System gives them an uninterrupted operation process.

Avi Cenna Logo

Avi Cenna
Industry: Educational
Solution: Stationary-FuelControl System
Brief: The need to ensure a smooth learning process without undue breaks is why Avi Cenna opted for Stationary-FuelControl System. The system has provided them with this and even real-time information about their fuel consumption.

Cita Petroleum Logo

Cita Petroleum
Industry: Oil and Gas
Solution: Stationary-FuelControl System
Brief: The amount of control an Oil and Gas Company as with their fuel tells a lot about them. Our Stationary-FuelControl System has provided Cita Petroleum the needed all-knowing eyes they require for their oil and gas.

Rosabon Financial Services Logo

Rosabon Financial Services
Industry: Finance
Solution: Tikon Vehicle Tracking
Brief: Rosabon has been able to adequately track every vehicle on its fleet. Opting for the Tikon-Hybrid plan, the organization can listen in on conversations happening in and around the vehicle.

AXA Mansard Logo

AXA Mansard
Industry: Finance
Solution: Tikon Vehicle Tracking
Brief: Managing the organization's fleet with our vehicle tracking plan has eased the burden of having to daily account for every vehicle on the fleet. Vehicles are tracked effortlessly with our solution.

Ok Food Logo

OK Foods
Industry: Agriculture
Solution: Tikon Vehicle Tracking
Brief: Having to provide healthy food for the populace should not be interrupted by tracking vehicles. Using our vehicle tracking to manage their fleet has eliminated worries about the knowledge of their vehicles per time.

Bankers Warehouse Logo

Bankers Warehouse
Industry: Technology
Solution: Tikon Vehicle Tracking
Brief: An organization who creates high vault services for financial institutions needs an all-knowing eye about their vehicles. Our vehicle tracking solution provides the organization with this information at their fingertips.

Custodian and Allied Insurance Logo

Custodian and Allied Insurance
Industry: Insurance
Solution: Tikon Vehicle Tracking
Brief: The organization does not only use our vehicle tracking plan to track vehicles of the insured but also to ease repossession from potential debtors. Our vehicle tracking plans alongside our professional team ease repossession process.

General Health Logistics International Logo

General Health Logistics International
Industry: Logistics
Solution: Tikon Vehicle Tracking
Brief: Goods tracking is more efficient with vehicle tracking. Tracking their fleet with our Tikon vehicle tracking has made their logistics business more effective and profitable.


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