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Who We Are

Concept Nova – a subsidiary of the Concept Group – is Africa’s fastest growing technology solutions company, specialising in Business Intelligence, Asset Management and Remote Monitoring solutions.

Centered primarily on continuous improvement, Concept Nova delivers technology-driven solutions that increases transparency, efficiency, cost savings and revenue generation. Serving over 200 clients across diverse industries, we are changing the face of technology development by delivering premium services at competitive prices.

Our team of expert hardware engineers, software developers and digital transformation enablers offer management and consulting packages tailored to give customers peace of mind about their assets.

With a history steeped in designing and supplying quality bespoke technology solutions, Concept Nova has evolved into a dynamic brand fortified with an ability to add value to the business operations of its customers.


  • 30 years in business
  • 2012: Best IT Fleet Management Product Award (Institute of Government for Research and Development)
  • 2014: Licensed by National Communications Commission as a member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
  • 2019: Best Technology Solution Company of the year- Africa (Global 100 M&A Awards)
  • 2019: Best Use of Technology in Fleet Management-Logistics (Global Business Outlook Awards)

Corporate Statement and Values :

Our Mission

To be a customer-centric organization which provides bespoke and innovative friendly technology solutions for Individuals and Corporate Organizations.

Our Vision

To become a successful reference point for all Africa's Business Software Solutions.

Our Values

Our values remain the most important facet of our organization. Passionately upheld by our employees are our values, which drive our sense of purpose and form our corporate culture. These values serve as a tested and proven compass that guide the way our business is conducted and brings out the best in us.

Developed into the acronym - CONCEPT, our umbrella of ethics completely define who we are and what we stand for.

C – Continuous Improvement

O – Optimize

N – New Ideas

C – Customer Satisfaction

E – Ethics and Integrity

P – Problem Solving

T – Teamwork


Continuous Improvement

This is an ongoing effort to consistently improve our products, services, processes and behaviour, through incremental improvements over time or breakthrough all at once


We are committed to using existing resources to achieve our goals while taking into account all the factors that influence perfection, functionality and effectiveness.

New Ideas

We go beyond conventional thinking by brainstorming novel ideas targeted at innovatively solving problems.

Customer Satisfaction

We enjoy a deep sense of fulfilment when our customers are satisfied. We measure customer satisfaction by the number of repeat customers and their referrals

Ethics and Integrity

Our behaviour and conduct as individuals and a business is governed by our principles and guidelines on ethics and integrity. We exhibit these by being trust-worthy, transparent and reliable.

Problem Solving

We adopt ad hoc mental skills and methods to find solutions to problems. Two distinct types of mental skills we rely on are the Analytical and Creative Skills


Together, we are stronger. We believe in the collaborative effort of working as teams to achieve common goals and tasks in the most effective and efficient way. As a team, we dare to achieve the synergy where 2+2=5