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Corporate Social Responsibility


Concept Nova is an organization that loves humanity. This is one of the reasons we create IT Solutions that expands and increases profits in Organizations. We understand that we need to engage in social responsibilities to have a healthy society. As an Organization, we have engaged in many social responsibilities; Corporate and Individual.

These are some of the CSRs we have engaged in:

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Blood Donation

We take part in the yearly world blood donor day. Our staff are provided with all essentials. This is to encourage them to donate blood and save a life with their donation yearly.

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The Umbrella Campaign

We distributed big sized umbrellas to traders at Lagos Island, Oyingbo, Bariga, Orile markets. This is to reduce the direct contact they have with the sun or rain while making their livelihood.

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Secondary School Debate

We gave scholarships to the Junior Secondary Schools students who won the debate held at Lagos Mainland Local Government. The winning school also got a refurbished computer room.

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Girls Coding

We are passionate about young girls. We want them equipped for the future they can create for themselves. Thus, laptops were donated to young girls to equip them in learning how to code. We partnered with Girl Coding, an NGO in achieving this.

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Slum2School Medical Outreach

We partnered with an NGO, Slum2School. We had a medical outreach in Makoko, Yaba. We launched a Medical Facility there to ensure the residents have access to Health care.