Get discounts on products
Financial capital required
Earn commission on sales made
Need an office location
Need technical background
Have a technical team
Pre-purchase Concept Nova's product
Meet Concept Nova's MOQ
Have business registration documents
Free market materials and support
Gets media marketing assistance and features
Free office branding
Access to the company's branded material (for distribution)
Free technical and product training


A Broker is someone who has the right contacts for our products and is interested in making additional income. A broker bridges technological gaps and solves operational issues of individuals and companies through introducing the use of Concept Nova's IT solutions. These individuals earn a level 2 commission compensation (highest com. level) on sales made through them.


A Strategic Partner is essentially an entrepreneur who is into marketing, sales or services but may or may not operate from a particular office location. Such partner is expected to take advantage of his or her existing client base to advertise and potentially sell Concept Nova's Solutions. These individuals earn a level 1 commission compensation (lowest com. level) on sales made through them.


A Concept Nova Vendor is basically a retail shop targeted at providing direct sales and services to consumers. They do not have to pre-purchase and keep our products in stock; however, when there is a sale to be made, they buy and sell our products to their clients. They also may or may not be responsible for the implementation/ installations. They are highly dependent on our Franchise Partners or the Concept Nova's Head office for technical support.


A Concept Nova Franchise Partner is a party who has been given the license to operate as a branch of Concept Nova in a particular area, with the required skilled manpower and access to replicate the same kind of service Concept Nova offers. Furthermore, a franchise partner get to set his/her own pricing on the product purchased based on what is believed to be optimal for their establishment, and convenient to their market.