Monitoring a single vehicle efficiently and effectively requires commitment and a keen eye for detail. A larger fleet would require even more expertise and attention, and a fleet monitoring solution would allow for this; from the convenience of using your desktop or mobile device. Our vehicle monitoring solution has different variants to cater for personal vehicle monitoring and also fleet management. We have the Basic Track device which is suitable for singular vehicle monitoring; Track and Trace, and Advanced Track and Trace devices which are suitable for better fleet management.

These products would give you a grip on:

  • Cost management
  • Maintenance and repairs (preventive and corrective)
  • Security of asset
  • Control of asset usage

Why choose Concept Nova's Vehicle Tracking Solution

Concept Nova's vehicle trackers are the best in Nigeria when it comes to efficient vehicle monitoring. Designed with state-of-the-art technology, they can be used to track, locate and recover your vehicles (in the case of car theft) no matter where they are.

Our vehicle tracking solutions help in real-time fleet management, while helping companies to cut costs and improve productivity. It combines the functions of real-time vehicle location tracking with advanced features that truly captures vehicle activity.

Furthermore, they are suitable for all makes and models of vehicles and can fit both on individual vehicles or transferred across a fleet. That’s not all; you can track your vehicle from any internet enabled mobile device.

For effective and efficient vehicle tracking, choose Concept Nova.