Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring solution enables you to monitor your assets and installations from the comfort of your office or home. Asset Managers can now give proper accounting to administrators and ensure longevity of assets with close-up monitoring and regular notifications. With Concept Nova’s remote monitoring solution individuals can receive notification alerts on the state of their asset or sudden change in the nature of the asset while also managing the equipment via their smartphone or computer. This reduces the frequency of physical asset inspection, cuts operational expenses and also is time saving.

Our remote monitoring service is a unique Internet of Things (IoT) solution that gives you the capability to monitor critical and non-critical performance parameters such as:

  • Coolant Temperature
  • Output Voltage and Current
  • Generator Frequency
  • Oil Pressure
  • Battery Status
  • Fuel quantity in the gnenerator tank, etc.
  • Remotely start or stop your diesel generators from anywhere.
  • Effective planning to prevent downtime.
  • Frequent alerts of potential faults, before they happen.
  • Dashboard installation access
  • On-screen sensors and probes
  • Real-time monitoring and logging of physical parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and other possible parameters.
  • Alarm notifications when preset measurement threshold is exceeded.
  • Remotely configure, program and debug your industrial automation systems like PLC. It allows you also to use your regular PLC configuration software as though you were physically connected to the PLCs.