Fuel Management Solutions

TThe Fuel Management Solution is an integrated remote monitoring solution that allows you to detect the exact rate of fuel usage in both mobile and stationery tanks. Concept Nova’s FUEL MANAGER gives the fleet manager and generator owner detailed analysis of fuel usage, any excessive drop in fuel level, and at the touch of a button gives total control over fuel storage, accessible from your internet-enabled device (your home or in the office).

Our FUEL MANAGER solution utilizes the combination of hardware fuel monitoring devices (sensors and probes) as well as a robust web enabled application; giving it the ability to capture real-time statistics on fuel consumption, the condition as well as location of the asset.

Our FUEL MANAGER solution for mobile tanks applies to moving assets like:

  • Passenger cars
  • Buses and vans
  • Trucks
  • Heavy equipment and machinery
  • Construction machines
  • Air and sea vehicles, etc.

Fuel Management on Stationary Fuel Tanks

This applies to fuel storage assets that cannot be moved around, such as:

  • Underground storage tanks
  • Overhead storage tanks
  • Day tanks
  • Farms tanks
  • Diesel generators tanks etc


  • User-Friendly monitoring platform
  • Access to detailed reports
  • Sudden fuel level drop notification
  • Monitoring fuel purchase and consumption
  • Real-time reports viewable from internet-enabled devices
  • Generator status report (ON/OFF notification)


  • Protect against theft/pilfering
  • Protect against leakages
  • Protect against fraud
  • Increases fuel optimization and overall productivity
  • Safeguarding of assets
  • Save organization against unforeseeable mishaps and asset malfunctions
  • Improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in fuel cost.
  • Reduction in operational and maintenance costs