This is an invisible coat of film installed on car side glasses and vents to prevent the glass from shattering in an event of accidental glass break, theft or vandalism. On occurence of any of these, the protective film holds all the pieces together, protecting occupants from injury, as well as denying entry to a potential thief.

In an event of bomb blast, a square meter of glass can produce up to 1,800 razor sharp fragments which may cause more damage, injury and death than the actual explosion most times. Our anti-shatter solution safeguards your asset, employees and members of the public, from flying glass particles in a case of such disaster.

The protective film can also be used to protect glass windows and other glass surfaces in homes, offices and other buildings, providing the same benefits.


  • Available in optically clear version.
  • Prevents deadly flying glass stemming from vehicle accidents.
  • Virtually indestructible film creates an invisible coat of armor between you and violent assailants.