Asset Recovery

Our Asset Recovery Unit understands the needs for financial institutions , corporate organizations, and individuals in auto loan repossession cases. Our mission is to provide our clientele quick, efficient, and safe recovery of their assets. Asset recovery is highly recommended to those whom, due to the nature of their jobs and services, may become victims of theft, fraud, or defaulting on [loan] payments. Concept Nova’s Asset Recovery services employs you to take refuge in our effective ability to recover all types of asset that may fall in the wrong hands (theft) or abused by the people in care of them. We have specialists in skip tracing to uncover individuals who use every tactic available to deprive you of your collateral. These individual change address, swap vehicles with family or friends, and do everything else to make tracking them difficult.

With our vast network of qualified professionals, relationship with the necessary government bodies, and innovative technological solutions, our asset recovery process is straightforward and highly achievable. Promptly responding to your need, we help reduce the risk of loss, insurance claims, or any further damage to your asset.

Collateral Recovery

We utilize unique repossession techniques, latest communications technology, and equipment to effect quick retrieval of any type of collateral.


We can arrange for delivery of your unit(s) to the auction or location of your choice.

Voluntary Repossessions

Following the assignment of a voluntary repossession, we can contact with your customers at a preferred pre-determined location within 24 hours!

Our clientele includes, but not limited to, those in the following industries:

  • Financial, particularly those involved in leasing and auto-loans
  • Insurance Companies
  • Multi-regional and Multi-national corporations who offer vehicles to staff

The benefits of choosing Concept Nova’s Asset Recovery services include;

  • Prompt response
  • Nationwide network of qualified recovery professionals
  • Strong relationship withe the Nigeria Police and Federal Road Safety Commission
  • Assistance with tolling vehicles
  • Assistance with sale of repossessed assets
  • 24 hours Call & Control Centers
  • Other roadside assistance


  • Monitoring device
  • Monitoring platform access
  • Flexible payment options
  • Event Notifications