About our track and trace solution

Businesses today are on a faster pace than they were about a decade ago. With this comes complexity in operational processes of which transportation and fleet management is a major component. The introduction of technology such as our Track and Trace and Advanced Track and Trace Fleet management solution, has led to significant cost savings by providing guided information on a real-time basis for monitoring your Fleet and drivers’ behavior which ultimately reduces the overall transportation costs, improves efficiency and productivity.


  • Driving History
  • Geo-fence status (& alert)
  • Odometer value
  • Maximum speed alert
  • Automatic distance reporting
  • Enable/Disable engine start (& alert)
  • Health checking
  • Status report
  • Fuel cut
  • Trip Report
  • Excessive idling alert
  • Main power disconnection alert
  • Panic / SOS button
  • Vehicle monitoring platform