Ti-Kon 2.0

Get timely information on the state and location of your vehicle
directly on your mobile devices from anywhere with the new
Ti-Kon 2.0 Vehicle Tracking Device.


Ti-Kon 2.0 is a self-service car monitoring device that uses GPS as well as GSM technology to monitor the location and routes of your vehicles at all times with the help of any internet-enabled device.

With new features like the Listen In, which allows you hear everything going on in the vehicle with just a phone call, and the Panic Button, created for use during emergencies, Ti-Kon 2.0 is for everyone who values the safety of their lives and car and desires to effectively monitor every activity going on in their vehicle especially when in the use of a third party.


Ti-Kon 2.0 also allows you to

  • Know about [potential] misuse
  • Optimize routes
  • Secure against theft
  • Save cost and improve on productivity
  • Gain better control over asset
  • Reduce overload and careless handling
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Save man hours


  • Current Location
  • Immobilization
  • Geo-fence Status and Alert
  • Listen In
  • Panic (SOS) Button
  • Web Access for Easy Monitoring
  • Mobile App Monitoring Access

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