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The Perfect Solution for Monitoring Cargo Activities from Anywhere in the World


Concept Nova's Load sensor is a top-notch Vehicle Weight In Motion (WIM) monitoring solution useful for all truck owners. It is highly effective in maximizing productivity while reducing theft, Illegal haulage and maintenance cost due to overloading. Using the latest electronic weighing technology, our load sensors are designed to measure axle load and cargo weight on vehicle/trucks with either leaf spring suspension or air suspension.

The benefits of the Load Sensor solution are endless. Whether your trucks are in motion, stationary, undergoing loading or unloading events, our Load Sensor accurately measures and provides the necessary information every fleet manager needs to keep track of the company's fleet.


The weight monitoring systems are not just designed to give the accurate weight; they are also designed for low maintenance, meaning lesser costs and a longer lifespan for trucks.

Let us help you calculate what you stand to gain by using our solution to monitor cargo weight on your truck.  


C Cargo has been developed to be adjustable to specific business operations and cargo transport conditions so let us know your peculiar situation 

Number of Trucks

Number of Tyres Used By a Truck

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Expected Lifespan of Your Tyre (days)

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